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Leman Creation first aim is to plant a seed in the heart of our inner child. The thumb piano is the most unimposing of the musical instruments the gentle sound of which touches the pureness of our souls the instant we come into its intimate orbit.
Artist, Musician and Teacher Andrew Masters has been conceptualizing and creating thumb pianos of all shapes and sizes, for over 20 years. Often made from the most surprising and ingenuous recycled materials, these "musical totems" charm people of all ages and stages of development through playfulness of their design, the softness of their touch and of course the magic of their sound. These handmade gems are the keys that will open the doors to the vast world of music that lies within us all.

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Workshop & Recycling

Leman Creation believes that a real musical instrument is like a living being and has a soul. Our creations are made with love and each instrument has a character of it’s own. When ready, they leave our workshop, go out into the world, find a home and hopefully live rich and fulfilling lives, interacting with other beings, expressing themselves and bringing joy.

Over they years we have learnt a lot about about what makes an instrument sing out. The first thing is the materials we use and then how these parts are put together to create an internal tension and that tension has to be balanced in harmony with itself. This takes listening, multiple adjustments, time and care for the instrument to express its essence.

Philosophy on Recycling

workshop & recycling Leman Creation
‘Making the most out of objects around us in the spirit of creativity’
is the foundation of Leman Creation’s philosophy on recycling.
Many of our Kalimbas are made with recycled Sardine cans, Cigar boxes and Wine cases, Oil tanks among other things. Even the buzzers on our notes, are made out of recycled soft drink cans and if you look closely you may well recognize the brands that we have integrated into our creations. Every object has a story and the fact that it is reincarnated as a musical instrument is a really wonderful and a fun thing. People do not usually realize the acoustic potential of everyday objects that surround them however many popular instruments of the world were in fact used for different purposes before evolving into musical instruments.

workshop & recycling Leman Creation

The Sounding Board is a part of the Kalimba that gives a tone to the instrument. A hard wood will give you a long, resounding note, while a warmer tone comes from a more tender wood. The thickness of the board is also an important factor. Thin wood produces a lot of attack but less resonance, whereas a thicker piece creates longer notes.

All kinds of woods are used to make the board, depending on the kind of instrument being made and the sound we intended to achieve.

We often shape and sculpt the piece for both sound and design. Frequently, we use recuperated wood, in accordance with the recycling philosophy that Leman Creation is founded on.

workshop & recycling Leman Creation

The Blades or Tines are the notes of the Thumb Piano. The source of the sound produced by the instrument when strummed. At the beginning we used all kinds of things raging from bicycle spokes to windscreen wipers but today we use only the best High Carbon Spring Steel for sustained performance.

The dimensions of these notes a very important factor as both thickness and width change the whole sound and feel to an instrument. One type instrument requires a very different kind of note than another and one player may prefer stronger or finer notes on the same instrument. We use a wide variety of different dimensions of steel on our Kalimbas to bring out the maximum potential of each model but also to satisfy personal needs and requests of our customers.

The Leman Creation blades are unique because they are handmade individually for each instrument through a long process of hammering, filing down, more hammering and some more filing and finally polishing. To achieve this one needs a very hard anvil, some good hammers, buckets of elbow grease, ear protection and really cool neighbours.

It is very important that the notes are well finished since any Kalimba player knows how playing a thumb piano with rough notes will give one sore thumbs in no time. Our notes are not rough stripes of metal. No! They are polished to a perfect aesthetic feel and to facilitate a smooth effortless play. We at Leman Creation call them Angel's tears.
workshop & recycling Leman Creation

Our instruments are finished in a manner to enhance simplicity of our designs and low tech natural beauty of the instrument. Our satin varnishes are applied in three thin layers with a cotton cloth so that the sound of the instrument is in no way effected by thick layers of varnish.

Leman Creation instruments remain primitive yet are polished: the highest quality that low tech has to offer.

workshop & recycling Leman Creation

The tuning of the Kalimba is the last of the many stages in this Labour of love that is a creation of a living musical instrument. Good tuning is of utmost importance and this takes a lot of listening, multiple adjustments and care. All our instruments are perfectly tuned and we will always do our utmost (in the realm of the possible) to for fill our customers request in terms of tuning. Once again customized Kalimbas are the two key words here at Leman Creation.

There infinite scales in which a thumb piano can be tuned.

About us

Roots Production all began in the summer of ‘95 in a vineyard in the South of France. Master Percussionist and world traveler Axel Lecour and I had just finished touring the country with a steel band and the quiet of this little summer house surrounded by vineyards was welcome after being on the road for so long and with so many late nights.

As it turns out, during one of our improvised jam sessions with other Musicians on the road we came accros a little Thumb Piano (The Magical Kalimba) made in an oval shaped Sardine Can. It had a wonderful sound and was amazingly loud for such a small instrument. It was really comfortable to play and looked totally cool. We said to ourselves, “We’d very much like to make one ourselves!”

So we set about trying to make one of these little wonders. We spent the next week rummaging the local junk yards looking for our raw materials and trying to assemble all the parts as best we could. We used the wood from wine cases for the sounding board, bicycle spokes for the notes, and cut-up soft drink cans to make the buzzers. And so this was how Roots Production was born.

Over the past twenty years we have learned a lot about making these instruments and have perfected are technique and a craftmanship, but the idea that using recylced materials in their construction has persisted. Our instruments are simple yet sophisticated, low-tech yet luxurious, primative yet polished. Turning recycled materials into gold is the achelemy that is operating here and we are very proud and pleased with our product. We hope that you will be, too.

In 2021 we change our name to Leman Creation, to avoid conflict with a "friend"... who manage to steal our brand and creations... sad but true story.
Anyway, if you have any doubt about who is selling what, just click on a social media link, if you can navigate over the past ten years, then it's us ;-)


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